Oh dear bird…

Fly away from this world.

And the darkness it contains.
The reckless wall of your broken cage.

That you can’t escape.

Get some help! Get some help!
But oh dear bird there’s no one here to help. 

Your breath getting softer every moment.
But don’t let go of your fears because they make you stronger. 

By: Fiza 


Lingering high in the sky, ready to take off on something new.

Them mountains, tress and grasslands spreading on vast lands.

So beautiful is this piece of art, thinking as the wind blew.

Them fancy cities connected by bridges held on strands.


Not only that, but variety of endless cultures different and powerful.

Molding the surrounding and themselves in their unique taste.

Putting the lenses on your eyes to see more colorful.

In the end it’s all worth it as nothing goes to waste.


But wondering if the time that’s given is enough.

It gives amusement to your eyes, but remember you can fall and glide.

Because if this journey can be marvelous, it sure can be tough.

The barrier between the tongues, not knowing what secret it may hide.


There is so much to see and places to go.

What lies ahead, I couldn’t completely fathom in words just so you know.


By: Fiza